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All about shredding
May 16, 2012, 3:30 pm
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We do a lot of shredding in our office. Anything with a name or social security number or account number must be shredded for privacy and compliance reasons. In the first couple of years that I worked at New Perspectives, Inc. we burned up a couple of shredders. I decided to do some research in order to correct this problem. I came up with the brand name Fellowes. The info was good, the price was right and the brand had a bulldog for a symbol. (Being a Ms State University fan, I felt this was an omen). That first Fellowes shredder served us well. Luckily it decided to die about a week before the warranty was up. The company sent a voucher and I purchased another of the same. I am a happy consumer. I own an older & smaller Fellowes at home that serves us well

Things to keep in mind; you must give the shredder a rest when the temperature light comes on, occassionally run an oiled shredder sheet thru for cleaning , and spraying the dust off with a can of air is helpful. You will end up with bags of nicely shredded paper that can be recycled, used in gift wrapping or even dumped in a compost bin.

It is a stress relieving, mindless job that accomplishes an important objective. Have fun!


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